A Message from Jim Lafferty of the Coalition to Guarantee Social Security

JimDear Fellow Senior American

Thank you for your interest in the Coalition to Guarantee Social Security (CGSS), the only advocacy organization dedicated to passing legislation to guarantee your Social Security and prevent politicians in Washington from ever reducing the amount of your benefits.

Click here to view a copy of our proposed Social Security Guarantee Act!

The wording of this proposed legislation is clear enough.  And the following press clippings demonstrate why it is so important for members of Congress to introduce and cosponsor the proposed Social Security Guarantee Act.

NewsMany seniors still don't know about the 1960 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the government is under no contractual obligation to pay your Social Security benefits. In other words, there's not much "security" at all in Social Security when benefits are at the mercy of back-room dealing congressmen and senators looking to balance the budget on the backs of seniors.

On behalf of the 42 million senior Americans who depend on Social Security, in 2016 I began the Coalition to Guarantee Social Security. This project aims to pass the Social Security Guarantee Act, get it to President Trump for his signature and close once and for all the gaping loophole that puts your benefits at risk.  And we are using the Internet to show you how you can help us win this battle.

What's more, please be sure to visit this site regularly for updates and weekly surveys on Social Security benefits, ending the squandering of your Social Security Trust Fund, the Obamacare "Death Panel" (yes, it is alive and well!) and the emerging fight against socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" legislation that would throw millions of young adults onto Medicare and practically ensure health care rationing for seniors.

One more thing: In this midterm 2018 election year, the Coalition to Guarantee Social Security aims to leverage the influential, powerful seniors' voting bloc to make it impossible for anyone running for Congress to oppose the Social Security Guarantee Act.  It is one of many chances you and I will have to help President Trump keep his promise not to touch Social Security benefits.  Stay tuned for the details. I look forward to your support!

Thank you for your time and sincerely,

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Jim Lafferty
Executive Director
Coalition to Guarantee Social Security